10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

June 8, 2017



Thanks for taking the time to stop by my first blog post! I'm so excited to share my updated website with all of you and I'm going to be posting lots of cool content on here (as well as on YouTube) about music, tech, business, health, wellness, and just general life stuff that contributes to living a healthy, happy, and creative lifestyle! I figured doing a personal post first would be appropriate, so here's some facts you probably didn't know about me!



1. I have a diploma in Music Industry Arts.

After high school, I enrolled into a 2-year Music Industry Arts program in college where I took all sorts of courses based around different aspects of the music industry. This was perfect for me because I knew I wanted to pursue a career in music, but I didn't know which avenue to choose specifically. The courses I took included music business, artist development, recording engineering, music production, audio post-production, artist management, and entertainment law. I hope to be sharing a lot of my knowledge with you on this blog so that I can hopefully help others achieve their goals in this industry - or any creative arts industry for that matter!


2. I don't eat meat.

I've been a vegetarian for almost 10 years! Well... "pescatarian" is the technical term of what I am, because I do eat fish and some other seafoods in order to get the proper macronutrients in my diet. But let's be honest, no one knows what a "pescatarian" is and it's just way easier to say "I'm a vegetarian who eats fish". I choose to exclude meat from my diet for mainly moral reasons - the meat industry (and pretty much the entire food industry) is pretty whack. Nothing against those of you who do eat meat! Everyone is more than welcome to their own beliefs. I'll just leave you an extra slice of the meat-lovers pizza ;)


3. I have a musical theatre background.

Growing up, I loved being in musicals and plays. So much so that I actually debated pursuing a career in dramatic arts. I would say it's definitely still a big passion of mine and I really miss performing in shows. Being in musical theatre really helped me come out of my shell, both performance-wise and socially, so I'm really thankful for that! I'm also thankful for the fact that it led me to meet my future-husband, which brings me to my next point...


4. I'm getting married!!

In August, I'm tying the knot with my best friend! You might know Randy if you've watched my YouTube channel for a while. But if you don't, Randy is also a musician and he is the greatest and most wonderful man I could ever imagine being with. I'm so excited to be his wife in a few short months!


5. I LOVE dogs.

I debated whether or not I should add this to my list because are you even a person if you don't love dogs?? They are just the best. I'm lucky enough to say that I actually own the cutest of all dogs (and I'm not biased). You may know her if you've watched my channel for a while, but her name is Charlee and she's a miniature golden-doodle. She never fails to put a huge smile on face.


6. I have stupidly wide feet.

I refer to them as "duck feet". I wish I could unleash the lady in me and spend unnecessary amounts of money on cute shoes, but I'm lucky if I find a pair of Crocs that fit me right. Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously... shoe shopping sucks for me. I guess the bright side of it is that I'm forced to save hundreds of dollars on what might be many impulse purchases of cute shoes.


7. I'm classically trained on piano.

When I was little, I started to dabble on the piano and teach myself the basics. My parents put me into lessons when I was about 7 and that's when I really started taking training seriously. I trained for about 12 years with the Royal Conservatory of Canada and made it up to Grade 10. I stopped lessons once I got to college and no longer had the time. Although I learned a lot, I wouldn't go back into classical training and really wish that I had trained more in jazz piano than classical.


8. I'm on a Netflix show.

Two summers ago, I got the amazing opportunity to be involved in the cast of a show called Lost & Found Music Studios. It's a sister show of the hit-series, The Next Step, and follows a group of young musicians in a studio (followed by lots of drama and love triangles, of course). The show is on Netflix worldwide and I played the role of Britney, who was a reoccurring character in Season 1 and 2.


9. I don't read.

Okay, I know how to read... I just choose not to. Not novels anyways. I do read magazines, articles, or some non-fiction stuff. But a novel? Nope. I'll wait until the movie!


10. I hate being cold.

You can usually find me wrapped in some sort of blanket, scarf, or sweater drinking a cup of hot tea in front of the fireplace because being cold paralyzes me... and I'm cold, like, 80% of the time. The bright side is that (BONUS FACT) I'm a tea-holic, so the fact that I can always enjoy a nice hot tea isn't so terrible.


Wow, thanks for making it to the end! It means a lot that you cared enough to read 10 random facts about a duck-footed, piano-playing, music geek ;) What are some facts about you that not a lot of people know?




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