Covers II is coming soon!

July 31, 2017

After the distribution website I used to upload my covers onto iTunes, Spotify, etc., shut down months ago, I've been struggling to find an alternative to continue to put my covers up on these platforms. I apologize for the lack of music being uploaded, but I'm happy to announce that you will soon be able to access all of the songs you've been missing! I know I had some catching up to do, so every song I've posted on YouTube since I stopped distributing to music stores will be available on this album (which is 14 songs)!! Because you've all been super eager about this, I set the release date of Covers II to be as soon as all of the licenses are done being processed, which means I don't have a specific release date. It could be one week or a few weeks - but it's on it's way! Make sure you stay tuned! :)


In the meantime, make sure you've got yourself the first Covers album so that your music libraries are all updated once Covers II is live!



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My goal is to inspire you to keep creating and to help you add a little more song to your soul and health & happiness  to  your  heart!

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