Since the release of her first independently produced cover video in 2009, Bailey Pelkman has been rapidly gaining followers on her social media platforms. Her unique style and diverse vocabulary of musical taste excites and continues to surprise her audience.


Her first notable success came from a clever and creative rendition of the already popular “Cup Song” from Lulu and the Lampshades. This cover was made unique by a crafty mashup with the well-known Beatles song “I Will”. In a matter of just weeks, it had over 100,000 hits and led to hundreds of new subscriptions. Within a year, the view count continued to rise to exceed 230,000, which lead it to be discovered by and featured on the Dr. Oz Show in March of 2014. This exposure fuelled Bailey’s creativity and encouraged her to continue making videos.

Bailey was born and raised in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada. She began making music at the young age of 4 and shortly after, was enrolled in piano lessons. Her wide variety of musical tastes lead her to find an interest in theatre and the broad genre-spanning roles that go with it. By the time she reached high school, Bailey was being cast for lead roles in local theatre productions. Along with her venture into theatre, Bailey also took interest in several other instruments including ukulele, guitar, and flute, which have given her another ingredient for her video and musical productions. Though music was her passion, Bailey enjoyed the creativity of all aspects of music production. After high school, Pelkman enrolled into Music Industry Arts, a renowned music production program from Fanshawe College, London ON., and graduated in the summer of 2015. Bailey is excited to have a new understanding and knowledge of music production, and of course, to apply that to her videos.

“It's an amazing thing when a hobby turns into a passion, which for me, is now turning into a career” - Pelkman

As a result of Bailey’s willingness to explore a wide variety of musical genres, she easily attracts a diverse fan base. This was evident in 2013, when Bailey released a soulful and pretty rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. Performed simply on the acoustic guitar, this juxtaposition of lyrical excitement captured viewers and had them demanding for more. After receiving several song reviews from the largest Holland newspaper, gaining American exposure including impressive reviews from the Huffington Post and Americablog, and reviews in Canada, Bailey’s interesting take on this pop classic had lead her to international exposure. The video fit the definition of “viral”, achieving over 150,000 views in a matter of days, and being shared by news outlets, reddit radio, and industry professionals, including Bruce Swedien (original mixing engineer of “Thriller”), who shared the video on his professional social media page. Bailey’s music has also received rave reviews from Queen’s legendary guitar player and writer, Brian May, Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes, and Canadian pop sensation, Michael Bublé.

Aside from Bailey's internet success, she continues to impress listeners through live performances and shows. Bailey was crowned the winner of the first annual London Covers competition in 2014 and has had the opportunity to open for renowned artists such as Shawn Hook and Vanessa Carlton.


In April 2015, Bailey released her first EP, Sweet Serenades. This EP showcases a wide range of her influences in an acoustic-pop, singer/songwriter style. Pelkman’s approach to her debut EP is no different than to her cover videos. This EP demonstrates songs about love, longing and introspection, filled with catchy and expressive melodies, and painfully honest and casual lyrics that speak directly from Bailey’s experiences. Bringing fourth inspiration from the pop styles of Jason Mraz, to the early works of Nat King Cole, Pelkman’s past musical creations all play a part in her inspiration for the debut album.

Shortly after the release of Sweet Serenades, Pelkman decided to expand her theatre and musical knowledge into the world of film & television. She successfully landed the role of Britney in a new series titled Lost & Found Music Studios, which is a direct spin-off of the wildly popular teen series, The Next Step. Seasons 1 and 2 of Lost & Found Music Studios can be seen on the Family Channel in Canada, CBBC in the U.K., and Netflix in all other countries.


Bailey continues to leave greater impressions in her local music community, and the music community abroad. With the release of her first original debut CD, her venture into the world of television, and her continuous output of video productions, Bailey has her fans anxiously awaiting her next move.